Everything about Skinly’s methods and the technology behind it.

The machine we use for our treatments is a tripleICE Diode Laser. Diode lasers typically work with 808nm which is suitable for most hair and skin types. Our machine combines 755nm, which is suitable for blonde and fine hair, 808nm which is the standard gold wavelength, and 1064nm for dark and very tanned skin.


The laser’s wavelength is set to a custom value to complement your skin type, minimizing irritation and adverse side effects.

3 phases

Hair growth takes place in three phases but laser hair removal is only effective during one, the Anagen phase.


Our lasers has a -8 degree Celsius headpiece to minimize any discomfort the laser may cause.


The melanin present in hair follicles during the Anagen phase helps the follicles attract heat from the laser effectively.


The beam of light from the laser is absorbed by the hair follicle in the form of heat, weakening it to the point of inactivity after a few treatments.


Since not all hairs will be in the Anagen phase at the same time 6-12 sessions are necessary to adequately remove hair from the target area.


After 6-12 sessions 4-12 weeks apart, more than 80% of follicles will no longer produce hair, with the remaining follicles producing hair that is much lighter and finer.


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